Hello and welcome to SpoilYourCat.Net! This website is dedicated to everything about cats. Over the course of the next few months, we will be adding clipart and pictures of cats. We're also adding a whole new section to the site, dedicated to the previous "Cat of the Month" title holders. In this section, you'll be able to not only see these adorable felines, but also read their descriptions. If your cat becomes cat of the month, he or she will live on in history on our website! :)

November Cat of the Month
Baby Boo

November features a festively colored cat of the month, an orange tabby cat named BabyBoo. BabyBoo's human is a 14 year old named Haley. BabyBoo's favorite activities include wrestling with his twin brother Mooch, getting tickled by Haley, and chasing bouncy balls. His favorite sleeping place is right on top of the recliner in the living room. From here, he says he can "Watch everyone, especially a huge dog that scares me," Oh no! I hope that pooch stays away. I'm sure you can take him down even if not! Thanks for being our Cat of the Month, BabyBoo!

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